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 Campaign for 2015

 Baxter's Firework Plea
"Keep fireworks to bonfire night"



Rudie - supporting the campaign for cats

Moet - championing Baxter's Plea for horses


Thank you to everyone who supported the 2015 campaign "Baxter's Firework Plea through Facebook, email messages,

examples of how your animals were affected (to help raise awareness to those unaware of their impact) and by attending organised events. In a number of locations it would appear that fireworks were heard on fewer nights than in previous years.



Many people love the excitement and colourful sights of fireworks but sadly they adversely affect a significant number of animals. Baxter, a lovely staffie cross, is one of the millions (not just thousands) of animals who fear the loud bangs they cannot understand along with his campaign supporters Rudie and Moet (pictured below).  


After hearing nightly firework sounds from mid October to well past bonfire night in 2014, Baxter's Campaign was launched on behalf of animals nationwide that fear this time of year for the distress and trauma it causes them. 


Baxter’s "Keep fireworks to bonfire night" plea asked the nation to:-

  • Spare a thought for the millions of cats, dogs, horses, livestock, wild animals and all other animals /birds frightened by the noise of fireworks

  • Keep firework displays to Bonfire night ie November 5th or the closest weekend in the case or organised events 

  • Support organised events, rather than setting up lots of local displays

As fireworks have become a more recent tradition on New Year's Eve too, Baxter's Campaign asked you to please support organised events if planning to celebrate the New Year with Fireworks; the aim being that everyone has just as much fun as usual but that our much loved animal companions would suffer less

How fireworks affect animals

Fireworks cause confusion, anxiety and fear for millions of animals

  • If outside, they may run away and become lost

  • Petrified domestic and wild animals can run into roads and are too often debilitated or killed

  • In blind panic, deep rooted fears can cause animals to injure themselves in what are normally safe surroundings
    It is not unheard of for them to break through doors/ barriers, dig, or otherwise hurt themselves and damage their surroundings to escape from the terrifying noises

  • Many animals have more sensitive hearing than humans and loud fireworks can permanently damage their hearing

  • Panic and disorientation in birds has caused them to fly into buildings or too far out to sea and nesting mothers may never be reunited with their chicks

  • Fish can be adversely affected by ingesting the debris from fireworks too


Keeping fireworks to designated nights allows owners to do what they can to keep their animals safe on these nights

Max's experience of fireworks

Max was a quivering mess at the first sound of a firework. He drooled, broke through doors and climbed over his owner’s shoulder to bolt away from the sound. Even when in a safe place he dug through his dog bedding and broke up the plastic floor. After 4 weeks of bonfire fireworks, he wouldn't go out at night for weeks fearing any terrifying explosions

The Reiki Experience - home of Baxter's Campaign.

Numbers of animals affected

  • 2/3 of dogs and over 50% of cats show signs of fear as a result of fireworks

  • Almost 1 in 5 pet owners have sought help from a veterinary surgeon or animal behaviourist to help their pet deal with firework fear

  • Each year animal charities receive calls from owners of petrified pets, not knowing how to help them

        Cats Protection and Dogs Trust UK survey   Oct 2014

 “Cats Protection welcomes initiatives that raise the awareness of the distress that fireworks cause to cats.”

"Terrified by the deafening crashes and blinding flashes of fireworks, traumatised dogs are rushed to vets for emergency treatment; sheep can spontaneously abort; horses gallop into fences; and rabbits have been known to die from the shock" Kate Fowler Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid 

For advice to help keep cats and dogs safe and calm at firework times Baxter's Campaign has created this document for you to view and download


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