The Reiki Experience provides holistic Reiki treatments to relax the mind & body and  quality training at great prices

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As a government approved healthcare provider, treatments can be booked if you are in pain or otherwise need care for your condition. Strict COVID-19 guidance is adhered to for your safety, including risk assessment, PPE, deep cleansing, temperature checks and questionnaires. Distant  treatments are available too. 

Training however will be all be online at the current time (zoom) with a practical session upon completion when COVID rules allow.


See Online Therapy Training or contact us for treatment enquires

FREE training is available for carers on the frontline, who are looking after patients/residents/ family with COVID-19 and who are also at high risk themselves.


This short bespoke online training will enable Reiki to be offered to yourself and those you care for, to encourage relaxation, which can help to reduce stress. Reducing stress may improve immunity, and relaxation can also help the body to better heal itself.  


NB: This is not full training qualifying for a certificate or professional recognition but it provides the basics to be able to offer Reiki safely and effectively in this time of need.  An upgrade to Level 1 Reiki (with certificate) is available.

Learn more about the   relaxing complementary

therapy of Reiki, how it may 

help you or your pets and what to expect in a session.

Could you be interested in becoming a Reiki Practitioner or just learning level one to benefit you, your friends, family and pet? 



Level 1, Level 2, Master and Level 3 (CNHC) :  See Online Therapy Training  and  Therapy training for dates, more info and feedback.

Are you interested in knowing more about Reiki - what it feels like and how it might help. Click here for more info about our events



We give talks and demonst-rations to local groups. It's a great way to find out more and have a relaxing time. See our therapies page.
Live online talks can also  be arranged 

Read what a few clients said about the the Reiki they or their pets received 

and how it helped them.

TESTIMONIALS AND CASE STUDIES: These show just a few ways in which our  clients and animal owners have been very grateful for the wonders of Reiki. Benefits can be physical, mental and emotional. 

To enable more animals to benefit from complementary therapies such as Reiki, Canine Massage, Canine Bowen Therapy, Animal Communications and more, Sue founded Friends Of Baxter Animal Care in 2015. This good cause organisation offers therapy treatments for animals (free for rescue centres), and therapy training/ workshops. It's plans to start rehoming were put on hold due to COVID but we will commence this activity when viable. Our aim is to become a charity.


Our Founder has been instrumental in the creation of National Occupational (training) Standards for Animals Reiki and the recognition of Animal Reiki by Professional Reiki organisations   

Animal treatments are offered by Friends Of Baxter Animal Care


Friends Of Baxter Animal Care  is looking for additional complementary therapy practitioners trained to work with animals. If you are interested please contact


To learn more or get involved in this good cause click on

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"As a Master Reiki and Animal Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, I am constantly amazed by feedback I receive from clients and owners of animals who have been offered reiki for various reasons. Reiki is known for its relaxation properties as well as improving the feeling of wellbeing, but clients, Reiki Practitioners, animals and their owners regularly see, feel and show results far beyond this"   
Sue Malcolm, owner of The Reiki Experience 

The Reiki Experience  - now also offering live interactive online training 

For enquiries or to book an appointment/ training class     email:   or call 07737 396 948
Based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire