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Reiki treatments and training

The Reiki Experience provides holistic Reiki treatments to relax the mind and body and quality training courses at great prices.


 Training feedback: "It couldn't have better met my needs - enjoyable, relaxing, educational and inspiring - perfect! 10/10"


Are you stressed, anxious, emotional or unwell? Are you recovering, in pain or maybe you just enjoy Reiki? Reiki treatments can be booked with Sue or Practitioners she has trained.


We provide accredited training from complete beginner to Professional Practice Reiki Practitioner. We also offer Master level and Teacher training. Attend courses or a development programme.

What is Reiki?

Learn more about the relaxing complementary
therapy of Reiki - how it may
help you or your pets and what to expect in a session.


Read what our students have said about their Reiki training experience with us. You can also read what our clients have said about the Reiki treatment they received and how it helped them.

"As a Master Reiki and Animal Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, I am constantly amazed by feedback I receive from clients and owners of animals who have been offered Reiki for various reasons. 

Reiki is known for its relaxation properties as well as improving the feeling of wellbeing, but clients, Reiki Practitioners, animals and their owners regularly see, feel and show results far beyond this"

Sue Malcolm
Owner of The Reiki Experience

Reiki training

Our accredited Reiki training is available in small groups or on a one-to-one basis in-person. Choose the course or development programme that is right for you.

All of our Reiki students have access to follow-up support and are very welcome to come along to our monthly Reiki gatherings (a mix of in-person and online Reiki shares).


Sue, who runs our Reiki courses, is a Top 3 Finalist for the 2024 Business Awards UK Training Manager of the year.

This is an incredible achievement for Sue, and for Reiki, given that the completition was open to a vast range and number of prestigious companies, including some multi-national businesses across a considerable variety of sectors.   


Awarded to Sue Malcolm March 2024

Why choose The Reiki Experience?

Great quality training at good value prices with detailed manuals, lineage that goes back to the founder of Reiki (Mikao Usui), ongoing support and certificates after the completion of training at each level.

Sue has many years of expertise,  delivering Reiki treatments since 2012 and training since 2016. Having sat on the management committee of the largest UK Reiki organisation for nine years, she values high standards. 

We are here to provide lovely treatments, compassionately teach our students to be wonderful in their Reiki practice (for themselves and/or to benefit others) and to promote our trained Practitioners.

In the media

Quote from Reiki Rays Global Summit November 2023 


Interview in Spiritual magazine Mystic Mag Summer 2023 

Click here to read it


Treat someone to a Reiki voucher

We now offer vouchers for Reiki treatments and training.

These make a lovely gift for someone you care about.



  • a relaxing hour's treatment 

  • a training course that may bring about personal benefits and perhaps be a step towards a new life-changing career

If you are interested in a voucher, please get in touch!


Activities for The Reiki Experience students

Reiki Refresher 1/2 day workshops

If you enjoyed a Reiki training course but life then 'got in the way' and you now wish to pursue your Reiki journey, you might like to consider a Reiki refresher course. We’ll recap aspects such as protection, cleansing and grounding, and all elements relating to giving treatments to yourself and to others. Sue will also guide you through a treatment on someone else. If you feel this might be useful, please get in touch to discuss joining a small group.

Next level 1 Reiki Refresher Workshop: Please contact us to make enquiries and book a place. 


Cost - £35

Monthly Reiki Shares 


Sue runs regular Reiki shares (alternately online or in-person) where our students can get together to meet like-minded people, share experiences, learn something new, enjoy a meditation and both give and receive Reiki.

Forthcoming Reiki shares are publicised on our monthly newsletter - available to all of our students
Timing: Online 7.30pm - 8.30/8.45pm 
 7pm - 9pm 

Cost     : £3.50 for online Reiki Shares or £5 for in-person Reiki shares
Please contact Sue to reserve a place

Animal Reiki treatments and training

"As owner of The Reiki Experience and Founder of Friends Of Baxter Animal Care, I offer Reiki and Animal Reiki sessions and training. I have been instrumental in the creation of National Training Standards for Animal Reiki and criteria for the recognition; by Professional Reiki organisations; of (i) Animal Reiki Practitioners, (ii) Animal Reiki Master Teachers and (iii) approved Animal Reiki training courses. The goal is to raise the profile of Animal Reiki and increase awareness of well-trained practitioners and training courses so that more animals can benefit from Reiki sessions".



  • Understanding Animals for Reiki Practitioners and students (on Zoom)

  • Animal Reiki levels 1 and 2

Feedback has exceeded all expectations and training has become our main area of work now, along with continuing to offer free Reiki to animals in rescue centres and sanctuaries.

For more details see:

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07737 396 948

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