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"In my opinion you have put so much into your teaching skills that you must be one of the top Reiki teachers in the UK, if not in the wider world."

- Amanda, Reiki Level I and II training


What our students said after their training


It was a fabulous course. I will definitely recommend it. I had a brilliant time and felt totally supported. I'm so happy that I found Sue.


It couldn't have better met my needs - enjoyable, relaxing, educational and inspiring - perfect! 10/10 


Sue has been absolutely amazing throughout all of my training. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher to guide me through my Reiki journey. Sue is very understanding, and I have felt supported 100% of the way. I am extremely grateful for her and couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Sue! :)

"I was sceptical about Reiki until I hurt my shoulder and was in considerable discomfort. Sue sent me two doses of Reiki over the following 36 hours and I couldn't believe the difference. I felt fine again the morning after the second treatment"

- Barry

What our clients said after their treatment


Thank you for an unbelievable Reiki experience, the difference it has made to my knees and overall feelings. Your work has made the movement a vast improvement, the pain more manageable. I would never have believed the difference it could make to my life. Thank you again.


I hadn't had Reiki before but it was so relaxing and I felt a benefit as soon as the treatment had finished. After 2 treatments my trapped nerve discomfort and emotional state were substantially improved. I can honestly say that it was the best money I have ever spent!


After just one treatment on my broken arm the doctor couldn't believe I had so little discomfort.


Are you stressed, anxious, emotional or unwell? Are you recovering, in pain or maybe you just enjoy Reiki? Reiki treatments can be booked with Sue or Practitioners she has trained.


We provide accredited training from complete beginner to Professional Practice Reiki Practitioner. We also offer Master level and Teacher training. Attend courses or a development programme.

What is Reiki?

Learn more about the relaxing complementary
therapy of Reiki - how it may
help you or your pets and what to expect in a session.


Read what our students have said about their Reiki training experience with us. You can also read what our clients have said about the Reiki treatment they received and how it helped them.


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