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Reiki Practitioner Accelerated Development

This extensive learning package provides all of the training usually delivered in our Reiki Level I and Level II courses, with significant additional structured support and guidance, extra practical work and more time for questions, discussion and shared experiences.


With this comes opportunities for lots of further learnings from Sue's twelve years of expertise as well as from fellow participants in this programme.

All of our Reiki students are offered ongoing support in respect of Sue being available to answer any ongoing queries and the opportunity to attend her Reiki shares. However, this training provides much more of Sue's personal time and support for those committed to becoming the best Reiki Practitioner they can be in a shorter timescale. 

Course Description

Reiki level I and II are each delivered over 2 days and 2 half days, rather than just 2 days each - i.e 50% extra teaching time. Additionally, a monthly 1-hour zoom session is provided from the start of level 1 training until you are a Reiki Practitioner (up to one year). This is a group session open to all participants of this programme. Key topics are discussed in more detail, providing useful theoretical and practical learning. Time is provided to ask questions and learn from one another too. 

Minimum 46 learning hours

Benefits of this training vs level I & II courses

  • Expertise gained more quickly

  • Students typically become a proficient Reiki Practitioner more quickly (typically within 9 months)

  • Hence, ability to offer paid treatments more quickly

  • More regular organised support, advice and guidance

  • Opportunity to recap any topics or discuss them in greater detail, having read the reference manual post training

  • Additional supported / guided Practical treatments on others with different issues (including gathering background information and writing up treatment notes)

  • If you have no one else to practice on, willing people can be found for you

  • Monthly 1 hour Q&A / group discussion zoom session provides further structured learning time 

  • Increasingly frequent connection with fellow Reiki students (new friends)

  • Access to hearing more of Sue's personal experiences and learnings - saving you that personal learning process


Small group: price £895
One-to-one training: £1095. 

NB: Online booking is unavailable for one-to-one training so, to book, please contact us 


Weekdays: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Saturdays: 11:00am - 5:00pm
Sundays:    10:00am - 5:00pm


Courses are run approximately every 3-4 months. For specific dates please click on 'Equire now' below.

For this course to run, it requires a minimum of 3 people to book, unless opting for one to one training 

Additional training dates are regularly added and more can be arranged to meet demand. Please ask if interested.  

This course is run by Sue Malcolm 

Cancellation policy

To cancel or reschedule, please get in touch. Please note that if cancelling, £25 of your deposit is a non-refundable admin fee, but if you are rescheduling due to illness, the deposit will be transferred to the new date at no cost to you. If you fail to cancel or attend the training, the full deposit will be retained. 

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