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Reiki level II

After absorbing your level I learnings and gaining experience by giving Reiki to yourself regularly,  as well as practicing on friends and family (unpaid), this next Reiki course elevates your training. After successful completion you will become a Reiki Practitioner.

There is no fixed time between attending Reiki Level I and II courses. 6-9 months is reasonable, but it will depend on each individual - a  few can be quicker, some take longer. Everyone should progress at their own pace.



You may wish to progress your Reiki journey with a friend met on your Level I training or at one of our monthly Reiki shares. Alternatively, come along to meet more like-minded people, have fun and further develop your Reiki skills. Sue will continue to be a mentor, supporting you to Practitioner status.

Course Description

IMPORTANT: If your level I Reiki training was not with Sue, please contact us BEFORE BOOKING. You may not be able to attend this course without further tuition and the respective fee will be retained from your deposit.

You must submit 10 written up treatments (split across 3-4 people) for evaluation before attending level II Reiki training.

This 2 day course will consist of you receiving a further attunement, as well as teaching you more about Reiki and a little on the science behind it. You'll learn how to strengthen the Reiki energy, practice ways to send Reiki distantly, both give and receive a treatment with stronger Reiki and more. After successfully completing and writing up additional Reiki treatments to demonstrate your proficiency, you will be awarded your certificate and be able to offer paid treatments.

Course Content

  • Reiki level I review

  • Overview of level II Reiki

  • The Science behind Reiki

  • Reiki Symbols and Mantras

  • Attunement (and meditative time)

  • Protection, Cleansing and Grounding

  • Giving a Reiki treatment - recap

  • Sending distant healing via various techniques

  • Practical distant healing using all techniques

  • Visualisation

  • Intuition

  • The importance of meditation

  • Mental self-Reiki treatment meditation

  • Auras and Colours

  • Code of ethics, CNHC, professional bodies & insurance

  • 21 days cleansing

  • Practical: give and receive a treatment with symbols

  • Paperwork and development to Practitioner status for your certificate

  • Discussion, feedback and follow up

Reiki Level II training is the path to becoming a practitioner to offer paid treatments, maybe as a business venture, or to increase the power of the Reiki energy flow for yourself, your loved ones and friends.

If  your level I training was not with The Reiki Experience, please no NOT book before emailing / speaking to Sue. Level I training must have been in-person and must have included all essential content in the Reiki Experience training or an extra zoom session will be required first.


Small group: £215
One-to-one training: £350

NB: Online booking is unavailable for one-to-one training so, to book, please contact us 


Weekdays: 10am - 4:00pm (day 1)  and 5:00pm (day 2)
Saturdays: 11am - 5:00pm
Sundays:    10am - 5:00pm


Courses are run every 2-3 months and vary between weekdays and weekends. For specific dates please click on 'Equire now' below.

Additional training dates are regularly added and more can be arranged to meet demand. Please ask if interested.  

This course is run by Sue Malcolm 

Cancellation policy

To cancel or reschedule, please get in touch. Please note that for cancellations, £25 of your deposit is a non-refundable admin fee, but if you are rescheduling due to illness, the deposit will be transferred to the new date at no cost to you. If you fail to cancel or attend the training, the full deposit will be retained. 

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