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Whether for yourself or for regular treatments in your workplace, we look forward to hearing from you if you'd like to book, or make enquiries about a Reiki treatment.

If you have not received Reiki before and know little about this complementary therapy, it may be useful for you to have a look at About Reiki first.

Treatments can be booked with Sue or feel free to have a look below at details of a few listed Reiki Practitioners that Sue has trained.   


Would you like to book a Reiki treatment?

Rates for therapy sessions with Sue at The Reiki Experience


£40 per hour

£30 per 40 mins

£20 per 30 mins

Sue's Reiki treatments are typically in our treatment room but if you are unable to travel, Reiki may be offered distantly or at your venue (depending on your location) for an additional travel cost.

To book a treatment with Sue, please send us a message with your preferred time and brief details.

Reiki can be a lovely service to offer staff in the workplace too. In a more relaxed and less stressed state of mind we can be more creative and have greater clarity. Relaxation and its associated stress reduction may help to enhance immunity and reduce absenteeism too, therefore enhancing performance. For enquiries regarding multiple treatments at places of work, please contact us.

If you would like to book a treatment with a Practitioner trained by Sue please see below - they may be nearer to you or their personal Reiki experiences may reflect yours more closely.


                                                                        Reiki treatments with Reiki Practitioners trained by Sue


Please find information about a small number of the Reiki Practitioners that Sue has trained who are offering paid therapy sessions. All have completed full training to a high standard and their expertise has been evaluated before they have been awarded their qualification certificates. Please check for prices before booking a session.

Please note: These Practitioners are not affiliated with The Reiki Experience or offering Reiki on our behalf.

                         Their listing below is also not a recommendation from Sue or the Reiki Experience.
They have been added to our website free of charge as a way to support our students, helping them
                         to gain greater awareness amongst individuals seeking Reiki treatments.

More Practitioners will be added to this new page shortly.

If there is no Reiki Practitioner close to you, Distant Reiki sessions can be just as effective.

For more information or to book a session, please send a message via the contact form and your email will be forwarded to the respective Reiki Practitioner for them to reply to you directly.

Lexi Frier

Reiki Practitioner - registered with the UK Reiki Federation 

Location: Leeds

Special areas of focus: Grief, loss and managing feelings around a health diagnosis 

As a Reiki Practitioner my main aim is to create a haven of peace and wellbeing just for you. A place where you feel able to express yourself without judgement, take time just for you to rest, relax and replenish.

I was called to reiki after the death of my son and while in treatment for breast cancer, from which I am now recovered. Reiki helped me to be calm and accepting of my treatments, heal and allowed me to find the beauty in the world again after deep loss.

Now that I am stronger, I want to share this beautiful gift with others, I offer a free 20-minute consultation before we start our journey together, so please get in touch.

Julie Chalkley

Reiki Master Practitioner

Location: Walton

Special areas of focus: Anyone with stress and/or physical, mental or emotional pain 


My mission is to help people on their healing journey. We all carry a lifetime of stress and pain in our bodies that can manifest in various ways – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Finding Reiki, which is a wonderfully relaxing and gentle hands-on (and at times hands-off) therapy, changed my life. It helped me to overcome illness and self-doubt and now I have built a place for others to ‘heal’ from their suffering too. Creating my beautiful little healing haven in Walton is a dream come true.

I have trained in holistic therapies and naturopathy nutrition as well as becoming an Anxiety Release Method Coach and working with the Law of Attraction.  

Contact us

07737 396 948

When enquiring about a treatment, please say who you would like your treatment with.

Thanks for submitting!

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