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My story to becoming a Reiki Master  Practitioner & Teacher

and where it's taking my life

Sue Malcolm
Owner of The Reiki Experience


Sue Malcolm

  • Reiki Master Practitioner and Animal Reiki Master Practitioner

  • Reiki and animal ReikiTeacher and mentor

  • CNHC registered

  • Member of UK Reiki Federation 

Back in spring 2011 I was a consultant nutritionist running my own business and looking for a new and inspiring challenge. Out of the blue I unexpectedly experienced what I described at the time as a 'vision'. This 'vision' showed me stroking an ill dog and as a  result the dog recovered. I remember saying to myself... "If I could help animals in such a way I'd be ecstatic. Nothing in the world would make me happier!"

A good friend suggested I find out about Reiki. Her sister had attended a basic 'level 1' Reiki course and subsequently her dog had been diagnosed with a slipped disc. She gave her dog a Reiki session daily until the operation date and to the vet's utter amazement the disc had moved back into place. Reiki was the only explanation anyone could suggest. Hearing this and another impressive account of the effects of Reiki on a lame horse, I was hooked and had to learn this technique myself. I must stress that these are extreme responses and not the everyday norm...but they do sometimes happen.

I contacted two wonderful Reiki teachers and signed up for my first course straight away. Shortly after my initial training they told me that in time I would become a Master Reiki Practitioner ... and it seems that they were correct! I achieved this level of practitioner status early 2015 and couldn't wait to book another weekend of learning in the form of teacher training; enabling me to share this wonderful gift with others. I was elected as a member of the UK Reiki Federation Management Committee in April 2015 and have since then Co-authored a publication for Animal Reiki Practitioners and students, and led a project with 9 Reiki organisations to create National Training Standards for Animal Reiki and professional recognition of Animal Reiki Practitioners and training courses.

From the day I gave my first Reiki treatment to a friend I loved it and even now after several years I am amazed by the incredible feedback I receive from clients after their Reiki sessions. No outcome can ever be guaranteed... sometimes it just relieves discomfort or provides relaxation, other times it can do much more but it always works for the recipients highest good.

I have given Reiki treatments to many people as well as offering Reiki to a considerable number of animals, especially in rescue centres. As my Reiki journey progressed, I saw how much I was changing and how Reiki was significantly helping so many of my clients and students too, and in a variety of ways. It has been an immense joy to see some of my students life's transformed such that they wish to now help others and I am delighted to be training some of my students to become Master Teachers. My next focus will be to promote the Practitioners I have trained on my website, growing their businesses and helping Reiki reach a greater number.

​As well as running the Reiki Experience, Animal Reiki training & treatments are delivered through Friends Of Baxter, an  organisation I set up to improve and save animals lives in 2015. 

Reiki, above all, is relaxing and as stress is the main cause of illness more Reiki has to be positive in helping our population, as a preventative measure, for maintenance, and to help when health issues have arisen be they physical, mental or emotional.


Are you stressed, anxious, emotional or unwell? Are you recovering, in pain or maybe you just enjoy Reiki? Reiki treatments can be booked with Sue or Practitioners she has trained.


We provide accredited training from complete beginner to Professional Practice Reiki Practitioner. We also offer Master level and Teacher training. Attend courses or a development programme.

What is Reiki?

Learn more about the relaxing complementary
therapy of Reiki - how it may
help you or your pets and what to expect in a session.


Read what our students have said about their Reiki training experience with us. You can also read what our clients have said about the Reiki treatment they received and how it helped them.

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