My story to becoming a reiki therapist and where it's taking my life

Sue Malcolm 
Owner of The Reiki experience  

Sue Malcolm
- Master Reiki Practitioner and   Animal Reiki Practitioner
- Reiki  Teacher and mentor 
- CNHC registered

- Member of UK Reiki Federation  

   Management Committee

Back in spring 2011 I was a consultant nutritionist running my own business and out of the blue I unexpectedly experienced what I described at the time as a vision. This  'vision' showed me stroking a dog and healing it. I remember saying to myself... "If I could help animals in such a way I'd be ecstatic. Nothing in the world would make me happier!"


A good friend suggested I find out about Reiki. Her sister had attended a basic 'level 1' Reiki course and subsequently her dog had been diagnosed with a slipped disc. She gave her dog a Reiki session daily until the operation date and to the vet's utter amazement the disc had moved back into place. Reiki was the only explanation anyone could suggest. Hearing this and another impressive account of  the effects of Reiki on a lame horse, I was hooked and had to learn this technique myself. (I must stress that these are extreme responses and not the everyday norm...but they do sometimes happen). 


I contacted two wonderful reiki teachers and signed up for my first course straight away. Shortly after my initial training they told me that in time I would become a Master Reiki Practitioner ... and it seems that they were correct! I achieved this level of practitioner status early 2015 and couldn't wait to book another weekend of learning in the form of teacher training; enabling me to share this wonderful gift with others. I was elected as a member of the UK Reiki Federation Management Committee in April 2015 and have more recently  Co-authored a publication for Animal Reiki Practitioners and students, and led a project with 9 Reiki organisations to create National Training Standards for Animal Reiki.  


From the day I gave my first treatment I loved it and even now after several years I am amazed by the incredible feedback I receive from clients after their Reiki sessions. No outcome can ever be guaranteed... sometimes it just relieves discomfort or provides relaxation, other times it can do much more but it always works for the recipients highest good.


I initially worked with people more than animals and whilst giving Reiki to a beautiful dog with cancer at the local dog rescue centre; where I'd become a regular volunteer; she taught me that animals have the ability to understand and communicate with us in a way I had never dreamed possible. She inspired me to want to understand animals better and soon afterwards I found that when working with animals they shared their aches and feelings of discomfort with me so that I could understand where and how they would like Reiki to help them.

Late August 2015 I created Friends Of Baxter, a good cause organisation set up to improve and save animals lives. The Reiki Experience works in association with Friends Of Baxter ( providing pet therapy treatments and training.   

For those of you who may be interested I will be sharing more of my experiences in the book I'm writing about the many and varied, wonderful occurrences on my journey to fulfil my mission to help sick, abandoned and cruelly treated animals. At least 50% of the proceeds from this book (and hopefully follow on books and films too!) will go to 'Friends Of Baxter Animal care. When sufficient funds have been raised, this organisation will launch an animal rehabilitation and rescue centre and training venture. To learn more about Friends Of Baxter Animal Care, to support us or to otherwise get involved please have a look at


I am passionate about animal welfare generally, and having seen animals traumatised by endless weeks of nightly firework bangs locally from mid October to well past bonfire night, I set up a campaign named Baxter's Firework Plea in 2014 after a lovely friendly staffie who, like thousands of dogs and other animals, fears loud bangs he cannot understand. In 2015 we were delighted to hear fireworks on significantly fewer  nights than in previous years in my local area and my focus has now moved to my long term project to improve and save animals lives.........which will include Reiki of course!

My best friend 'Baxter', after whom my animal venture is named