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Professional Practice Reiki Practitioner

This training focuses on the development of professional skills to enable registration onto the accredited UK Complementary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) Register. GPs may refer their patients to any Complementary Therapy Practitioners on this register.

For CNHC registration you must demonstrate competence in meeting the National Occupational Standards [NOS], developed with Skills for Health, for delivering Reiki professionally.

This course in conjunction with our level I and II training has been accredited in meeting the NOS requirements.

Reiki Practitioners generally choose to train in Reiki at Levels I and II before deciding that they wish to become a Professional Practice Reiki Practitioner.


However if you know that you wish to gain this level 3 qualification from the start, we can build in activities as you progress your Reiki journey that may save you time later.

Course Description

IMPORTANT: If your level I & II Reiki training was not with Sue, please contact us BEFORE BOOKING. You may not be able to attend this course without further tuition and/or evaluation of at least 30 written-up Reiki treatments and the respective fee will be retained from your deposit

This course delivers additional training and discussion on anatomy, physiology and pathology, also marketing, business, finances, relevant legislation and the practical delivery of Reiki to meet professional standards.

Professional Practice Reiki Practitioner training (including levels I and II) requires a minimum of 65 training hours, 100 written-up self-treatments, 75 written-up treatments on others (to include 10 case studies), 5 observed treatments, and a final written assessment for CNHC registration.  

The training consists of an initial one day of theory plus a number of follow up themed sessions arranged subsequently to include 'preparation for' and 'observation of' professional Reiki practice, formal observed treatments, required self-treatments, case studies and other treatments, professional written-up notes, also the questionnaire assessment for CNHC registration. 

Course Content

  • National Occupational Standards (NOS) and their requirements

  • Core Curriculum requirements

  • Setting up a Reiki business

  • Marketing - how, what, where, when and to whom?

  • Professional business responsibility – registering for GDPR / HMRC

  • Business finances and planning

  • Review of Reiki Theory and Practice, also Practice management for professional delivery e.g. in a medical setting

  • Professional Standards and Codes of Practice

  • Legislation incl. GDPR, Health & safety, Equality and Advertising

  • Employment and organisational policies

  • Useful additional information

  • CNHC Registration and meeting requirements

  • Red Flag symptoms

  • Notifiable diseases

  • Anatomy, Physiology & pathology - not required if you have a prior suitable qualification/ training this topic (includes online training). 

  • Discussion of treatments on yourself and others, also review of notes and case studies 

  • Preparation for observed treatments on others and documentation that will be completed

  • Final assessment enabling recommendation for you to be professionally recognised by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Professional Practice (equivalent to a level 3 qualification) is not essential for Reiki Practitioners but it is increasingly recommended if you wish to work professionally with a goal of working in hospitals or alongside the medical profession. Where social prescribing includes Reiki treatments on the NHS locally, this is especially beneficial.

If you are thinking about this training for a future date it may be worth having a chat as soon as you decide. You can then start to write up your treatment notes and case studies in the format required for the CNHC assessment, and most easily and effectively work towards this end goal as your Reiki learning progresses. 



Includes teaching and: 

  • Observed treatments and evaluation of feedback

  • Evaluation of the CNHC questionnaire, completed under examination conditions

  • ​Evaluation of all 75 treatments (including 10 case studies) 

  • Support and mentoring as required throughout your training

  • Proposal for CNHC registration following successful completion of this accredited training

further £70pa (approx.) fee will be charged by CNHC for registration but there is no fee for professional Reiki organisation review and approval due to this course being accredited by the UK Reiki Federation.


Weekdays: 10:00am – 4:30pm

Observed Reiki courses can be at the weekend or on weekdays.

Your observed treatments may be weekday evenings or day time.


February: 14th to commence your theory training, additional in-person/online training to be done at a convenient time for all applicants.

Additional training dates are regularly added and more can be arranged to meet demand. Please ask if interested.  

This course is run by Sue Malcolm 

Cancellation policy

To cancel or reschedule, please get in touch. Please note that if cancelling, £25 of your deposit is a non-refundable admin fee, but if you are rescheduling due to illness, the deposit will be transferred to the new date at no cost to you. If you fail to cancel or attend the training, the full deposit will be retained. 

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