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Reiki for Animals

We benefit too

We can all gain a personal benefit from learning Reiki but it can be especially useful for anyone working with animals eg a veterinary professional, rescue worker, trainer, dog groomer, dog walker etc.

It is also lovely for animal owners to be able to give reiki regularly to their animal(s) if the animals have any issues for which they may gain a benefit or even just for comfort and relaxation.  


Why offer Reiki to animals?


  • Reiki is relaxing and comforting, improving the feeling of well-being and sense of self. It works on the mind and body and is often offered to animals that may be stressed or anxious, are in discomfort, have long term health issues or are recovering from illness/ surgery etc. It has also helped many animals with behavioural issues.


  • Animals often instinctively push their body towards a practitioner’s hands where they have a health issue suggesting they may understand its potential benefit.


  • Reiki supports traditional veterinary medication and treatment rather than replacing it. It can comfort animals that are passing and may assist when no other treatment has helped.

  • Although veterinary consent is not required, a vet’s diagnosis should be gained prior to Reiki being offered to animals when a medical health issue is known or suspected to exist. A Reiki practitioner is not permitted to make a diagnosis

The Reiki Experience works in association with Friends Of Baxter 
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The views of a veterinary nurse and dog rescue owner


“We need to be improving the lives of every pet we meet & sometimes medicine needs a complementary helping hand. I have seen Reiki work wonders on a daily basis”

Rebecca Westwood Veterinary Nurse B.A (Hons) RVN Cert CAB MBVNA, Master Reiki Practitioner


“Since Reiki has been offered, we have noticed a huge difference. I have no doubt that Reiki has enabled many dogs to move on at a faster pace to their new lives, becoming more relaxed, well-rounded and trainable"

Georgina Armstrong Glendee Rescue Owner

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