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COOKIE  : Her first experience of Reiki

The first thing that sprang to mind when Sue from the Reiki experience came to see cookie, was that cookie went to greet her straight away , which isn't rare for cookie as she likes to be the centre of attention and usually is under the impression that anyone that visits the house is here to see her. But today cookie seemed to have some kind of respect for her, now this may seem strange but to anyone who doesn't know cookie ... she likes to show off.


She has this tradition that when anyone arrives, whether someone she knows or not, Cookie grabs a treat, parades it around the room, shows every individual person and won't settle down until everyone has told her that she's got the "best treat ever".

Yet when Sue arrived, she greeted her but didn't feel the need to show off to her, she also went and sat with her straight away, Again Cookie is very affectionate and often showers people with kisses (on the mouth) which we try to discourage, but instead she quite happily sat next to Sue without plastering her in kisses or demanding that she gush adoration for Cookie's amazing toys or treats. 


When it came to the reiki , Sue said something that struck a core with us , "Usually I ask an animal if they're willing to accept the Reiki, but Cookie started taking it before I asked!" ... and if that doesn't sum Cookie up to a T then I don't know what does .

Sue also mentioned that the animals will often push the body part ‘they are having issues with’ towards her, to guide her to where they need the Reiki. We told her that Cookie had recently hurt her foot , we were unsure how she had done it or what she had done , but one day she just started limping and wouldn't put her foot down at all ... even the vets didn't know what she had done.


Now Sue initially takes a very hands off approach to the Reiki , she doesn't force it on them, she lets the animals show her what they want or need, she doesn’t move them or position them and often isn't even touching them, she just allows them free movement at all times . Much to our surprise.


Cookie, whilst half in a totally blissed out sleep, pushes this foot under Sue's hand where she is channelling the Reiki, and this foot continues to twitch and vibrate, underneath Sue’s hand.

Please bear in mind here,  Cookie’s eyes are closed and Sue’s hand is not actually making contact with her , yet Cookie still guided her foot into the right place despite her no longer limping , she obviously was still struggling with some discomfort in that foot. 

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