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Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystal Healing Therapy briefly explained 

Crystal Healing is an energy based therapy that may be used in its own right or as part of a Reiki treatment.

This is a lovely therapy which generally leaves clients feeling calm and relaxed. As with Reiki, this is a gentle yet powerful complimentary healing treatment. There are thousands of crystals worldwide and the benefits are wide ranging although your treatment will just involve a small number.


Clients seek Crystal Healing for a considerable variety of reasons but popular ones include: a desire to feel more relaxed and balanced, stress, headaches, muscular tension, pain and discomfort, emotional issues and trauma to an area of the body for example after an accident or operation.

What to expect in a therapy session 

When arriving for Crystal Healing, an initial consultation will enable the most appropriate crystals to be selected for your session.


When we are ready to begin, you will lie down on a therapy couch fully clothed while relaxing music is playing in the background. The treatment will begin by the therapist sensing the energy in your chakras (energy centres in the body) to determine if your energy is flowing freely. Then the chosen crystals will be placed on your body. Throughout the treatment a number of checks will be made to see how the crystals are performing, and changes may be made to the crystals or their locations if required. At the end of the treatment you will receive feedback and also have an opportunity to discuss your feelings and to ask any questions.

Crystal Healing for animals  

Crystals are increasingly being used to help with issues relating to the health of animals too. They can be used in a Reiki treatment but more often the relevant cleansed, programmed and charged crystals will be placed in an area that is in close proximity to your animal eg underneath your dog’s bed or other appropriate ‘safe place’ depending on the animal, it’s lifestyle and the situation.  Alternatively you may be given crystals to wear in a pocket or keep in a cupboard close to your dog


We are considering offering a service to apply bespoke selections of crystals to dogs collars. If this is may be of interest please make enquiries.


NB: If you wish to help your animal through the use of crystals, please obtain safety advice first so that they are not swallowed, chewed or otherwise putting your dog at risk


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