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The Reiki Experience  working with Paddlin Paws to benefit more animals 

Hyrdotherapy supporting Reiki 

We view hydrotherapy as a great example of a holistic complementary therapy that complements Reiki. Hydrotherapy is very simply the use of exercises in water that maybe helpful for various health conditions. A course of sessions can help improve muscle tone and promote tissue repair without imposing undue stress on damaged tissues. 


Owner of Paddlin Paws, Hannah Morley is a well trained expert in her field and we have no doubts about suggesting that owners of our canine clients contact her where hydrotherapy may be helpful.


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Reiki treatments to be offered at Paddlin Paws 

The Reiki Experience now works in partnership with Paddlin Paws providing a Reiki service for their animal clients and soon we will offer treatments to dogs on site at this animal hydrotherapy centre in Pontefract. Animal owners/ carers can book appointments too if they wish but these treatments will be at The Reiki Experience.   

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