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Jenny Glynn


Jenny qualified as a Reiki practitioner in 2017, after training with the Reiki Experience.


Jenny’s story

"I used to sit and think to myself, ‘I would love to do something self rewarding and worth while, where I can help people and animals’. I would have this thought quite often and look into jobs that I thought would fulfil this, when out of nowhere there was an advert for Reiki, and then another one and another, when eventually everywhere I looked adverts and articles for Reiki. The more I looked into it and read about it the more I thought this was for me. I could help the people I cared about that struggled with illness and anxiety. I could help my dog with his arthritis, maybe I could even get a career, so I pursued it. I was shocked to how ‘me’ Reiki was and how it complemented my life, and when I started seeing results from those I'd practiced on I knew this was the right path for me and my journey had begun."


"As well as offering Reiki treatments to people, I also work with Friends Of Baxter to offer voluntary treatments to animals in rescue centres."

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