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"I had Reiki from the lovely Kath yesterday. What an amazing experience. Really needed some healing and this sure did help. It helped me drift off and think about important 'special memories'. I felt completely relaxed, released a lot of bad energy and had a decent night’s sleep. Highly recommend Kath. She's a real gem!" 

Clare x


“I have had reiki before but never like this. I feel so energised and content after my session. I feel amazing. Thank you so much Kath, I will be back xx" 

“What can I say, that was wonderful Kath. Being my first reiki session I wasn't sure what to expect - I don't know whether to have a run, fly or go to sleep after that - what a treat!! Highly recommend anyone to try it if you haven't before" 

“Wow!!! My reiki session was amazing! One of the best I've had! Thanks Kath”

“Thank you Kath for my Reiki treatments over past couple of months. I have felt so much better since having them. Your services have amazing results”


“Had a couple of Reiki sessions with Kath they were different each time and just what I needed - really good” 


“Felt de-stressed and relaxed after the session with Kath, highly recommend”

Crystal Healing Therapy Testimonials

I had crystal healing a week ago and it was truly wonderful. It seemed I was all out of kilter, when the session had ended I felt so tired as if my body needed to catch a breath and catch up. This lasted a day or so but now I feel so bright and bushy tailed as they say. I’m definitely going to have another session in the very near future, thank you Kath you are a very special lady with a wonderful gift. 



Fantastic experience I would highly recommend it. It was my first  experience with crystal therapy and Kath put me straight at lease explaining what to expect. I felt so calm and relaxed when I left my appointment... I will definitely  be back thank you


Quantum Touch Energy Therapy  Testimonials

 I've just had a Quantum Touch Healing session and I now feel amazing! Definitely recommend it for anyone with any physical pains. I felt totally at ease with Kath. Thank you very much.



I actually went to see Kath for one of her other treatments but as we got talking I mentioned that I suffer from arthritis in my joints and today I was actually having a flare up in my thumbs. Kath offered to give me a taster session of Quantum touch to my thumbs. I was totally amazed the pain left me and they felt so much easier. Thank you


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