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PIPER's transformation

This year I made a visit to the horse sales, which are never really a pleasant place to begin with. Whilst there I spotted this girl, as thin as a coat rack you could see every rib and her hip bones were protruding from her skin on the verge of breaking through , hooves overgrown and head collar digging in to her face. But her face! ...Her face said it all. She had given up.

We got her home, fed her, gave her water, a warm and comfortable bed and new rugs , treated her for worms and had a physiotherapist  check her out for pain.

Finally we put her out to grass and did everything a good owner should, but still there was something … in the sense that there was nothing. 


Nothing there, no emotion, no character or personality, it was as though she was an empty shell just going through the motions. She ate. She drank. She did everything a horse does. But she wasn’t there. The lights were on, but no one was home.

We turned to Sue and asked her to send her Reiki, and the improvements were dramatic, it was as though Reiki didn’t just heal the aches in her body, it healed her SOUL, it allowed her to open up and listen, to take in where she was and to trust that we were not going to do her any harm.


Soon after she started receiving Reiki, small things started to appear. Small little gestures indicating that someone was there - a grateful nicker when you brought her dinner or a cheeky face when she did something she knew she wasn’t supposed to, a head turning over her shoulder to watch you as you brushed her or an excited trot around the field when you let her out … and more often than not a cheeky lip when she smelled treats.

Reiki helped her to be a horse again.

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