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Reiki & the paralysed dog

This year I had one of the most frightening experiences of my life with my two year old dog.

Upon coming home, I went to get my two small dogs and let them out to do their business in the garden. My dogs are both 2 year old toy breeds and extremely fit and healthy , they go mountain climbing and on long holidays in the countryside with me, and are generally very active.  

My boy dog ran around as usual but my girl just lay there. Now it is not uncommon for her to lay and roll in the grass, but something was just not right. She just laid there looking at me and didn’t try to go for a wee. I called them back and the boy came running but she just carried on laying there and looking  at me.

Sometimes she plays the fool and will make you chase her before she will come in, so off I went to her and still she did not move. Concerned now, I picked her up and put her in the kitchen and again she would not move. In a panic now and fearing the worst I drove her to the vets. She is a very short dog with a long body and there was always a fear of her slipping a disc. 

The vet trip was agony for me and for her. The vet confirmed the total tenseness and stiffness of the muscles in the upper back, consistent with slipping a disc in that area and the only thing was to give her anti-inflammatories and pray for improvement. If not it was an MRI and spinal surgery, and the likelihood of her never being the same again. Be prepared for the worst they said.


For the first few of days I was in a daze and she was withdrawn and secluded, quiet and unwilling to move, barely eating or drinking anything. I carried her to the grass where she would have a wee in the spot she was deposited, then I carried her back to her bed where she just lay. It was as if she had totally given up on life.


Forlorn, I rang Sue who immediately sent her Reiki and continued to do so daily over the next few days, and what happened next was unbelievable. Almost instantly she started to get better.

Every day I had improvements, where before there was none!


Small movements started appearing, a short trip to the water bowl , to the food  bowl … walking a few steps to have a wee , instead of just doing it in the position that she had been put in. 


It was as if the Reiki had changed her frame of mind, relaxed her and assured her… as if she felt the positive energy and was willing to accept the healing. No longer was she sat feeling negative as though she had thrown in the towel. It changed the way she was feeling  and opened her body up to heal. 


It was almost as if she had been preventing her own healing, that her own negative frame of mind somehow blocked the healing, and Reiki just gave her the comfort, healing and reassurance to believe that she was going to get better. 


Within a week of being functionally paralysed she was eating and drinking and going to the toilet, within a fortnight she was back to her usual self though we still wrapped her in cotton wool.


The vets had told us that it usually takes months to recover from this kind of injury, if at all, but with Reiki she was more or less herself again in two weeks.

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