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  • In-person Reiki training is available in small groups, or can be arranged on a one to one basis at a higher price - more details below.  

       If you are interested in Animal Reiki training courses you need to train in Reiki first. Animal Reiki training is
       run through Friends Of Baxter Animal Care ( and options include: 

  • Understanding Animals for Reiki Practitioners & students

  • Animal Reiki level 1 and level 2 training 

  • Animal Reiki sessions are available too 

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This is the basic entry level for learning the technique of Reiki. Whether you wish to work with people or animals you need to learn to offer Reiki to people first.

The 2 day course will consist of you receiving attunements, as well as learning theory and putting your learning into practice. After this course you will be able to give Reiki to yourself and on an unpaid basis to friends and family. You will then be asked to complete a number of treatments if you wish to progress to level II (practitioner level).


Our weekends are an opportunity to meet like-minded people, have fun and learn a technique that is yours for life but you are not left on your own after the training, Sue will be your mentor for as long as you desire her help.

Small group £175 for two days

One to one training £300 

Timing: 9.45am – 4.30pm. NOTE: For April - Oct weekend training, Saturdays will start an hour later

Next dates 

Weekend courses:  October 22nd & 23rd
Weekday courses:  September 12th & 13th, November 16th & 17th 

Additional training dates (incl. weekends) can be arranged to meet demand. Please ask if interested.  

See student feedback below

This course is run by Sue Malcolm 

Please ask if you prefer online theory training and in-person practical session.


This takes your reiki to a higher level, again through a mix of attunements, theoretical learning and practical sessions. Your Reiki will strengthen and you will be taught additional skills and techniques that benefit your work with people and enable you work more effectively with animals too. If you wish to work with animals on a professional paid basis we strongly advise that you take further training and become a recognised animal Reiki practitioner afterwards.


As for level 1 you will be asked to complete the required treatments and hours of practice following your level 2 training in order to gain adequate experience before offering your services as a Reiki Practitioner to paying customers. We will also discuss practical aspects such as professional indemnity insurance, membership of a professional reiki organisation also ways to gain experience and raise awareness of your Reiki service. 

In between level 1 and 2, and ongoing afterwards, you are welcome to come to Sue's regular Reiki Shares where you can meet and chat to other people The Reiki Experience has trained, learn and practice new skills, share experiences and enjoy relaxing and fun evenings. The courses do provide a lot of learning but we aim for them above all to be enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.... and Sue is there for you afterwards should you need any support or guidance. 



Small group £200 for two days 9.30am – 4.30pm

One to one training £330

Timing: 9.45am - 4.30pm. NOTE: For April- Sept weekend training, Saturdays will start an hour later

Next dates

Weekend courses: November  (Sat & Sun) 26th & 27th  

Weekday course:  September 20th & 21st   
Additional training dates can be arranged to meet demand. Please ask if interested 

See student feedback below

This course is run by Sue Malcolm 

Please ask if you prefer online theory training and in-person practical session.


This training is for Practitioners who view Reiki as a way of life and wish to further develop practical skills, Reiki strength and knowledge...possibly in preparation for later teaching? This course includes a further attunement  to add strength to your Reiki, additional theoretical learning and practical sessions.  To attend this course you must have been an active Reiki Practitioner for at least 1 year, although 2 years + is more common.


We are never true masters of this technique as we are continually learning. Becoming a Master Reiki Practitioner it is also not to be seen as a status symbol, but a sign of commitment and passion for working with Reiki energy.

To be awarded your certificate you will be required to show understanding of Reiki Mastership, and demonstrate the ability to proficiently perform the new skills taught on the course.


Afterwards, you are welcome to attend monthly Reiki shares where you can meet and chat to other students trained by The Reiki Experience, you will also be supported through your future Reiki journey by Sue.  



Small group £175 for two days 9.45am – 4.30pm

One to one training £300

Next dates

Weekend course: Please ask if weekend is preferred

Weekday courses: November 9th & 10th 
Additional training dates can be arranged to meet demand. Please ask if interested 

See student feedback below

This course is run by Sue Malcolm 

Please ask if you prefer online theory training and in-person practical session.


This training focuses on the development of professional skills to enable registration onto the accredited UK Complementary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) Register. GPs may refer their patients to any practitioners on this register

For CNHC registration you must be trained suitably to demonstrate competence in meeting the relevant National Occupational Standards [NOS], developed with Skills for Health, for delivering Reiki professionally. This includes training and discussion on anatomy, physiology and pathology, also marketing, business, finances, relevant legislation and delivery of Reiki to meet professional standards which includes 5 observed treatments. If working as a professional Reiki Practitioner, running your own business or providing a Reiki service for an other organisation this level of training is encouraged. Some hospitals consider this level of training essential in order to be employed/ contracted to provide Reiki treatments to patients, and all hospitals are being encouraged to require this standard of training. It takes Reiki training to a standard that equates to a level 3 qualification,  which makes it  comparable with many other complementary therapy training courses.  

Level 1, 2 and professional Practice Reiki training must collectively meet the requirements of The Reiki Council  core curriculum for you to be approved for CNHC registration. This involves a minimum number of training hours, self-treatments, written up treatments on others, case studies, observed treatments, and a final written assessment.  

Currently this training excludes the anatomy, physiology and pathology content but we can recommend where this training can be done to a high standard. All other aspects are included in a one day course plus arrangements of observed treatments and preparation for, observation of and evaluation of the assessment for CNHC registration.

Cost: £250 

Additional costs include: 
- Anatomy, physiology and pathology training (if you have a suitable qualification that includes this topic, you do not need to repeat this part of the training)
- Approved observers costs (will be discussed and agreed upfront)  

- A further £70pa (approx.) fee will be charged by CNHC for registration

 If you are thinking about this training for a future date it may be worth having a chat as soon as you decide. You can then start to write up your self-treatments.  

Next dates
Weekend theory course: Please ask if weekend preferred 

Weekday theory course:  Nov 3rd, additional in-person/online training to be done at a convenient time for all applicants.

Evening or additional weekday training can be arranged to meet demand providing a minimum of 3 delegates. Please ask if interested. 

See student feedback below

This course is run by Sue Malcolm 



This training is for Master Practitioners who have gained expertise through practice and living a Reiki way of life, and now wish to teach this wonderful therapy to others


This course prepares you for teaching, discussing all topics that should be taught and preparing your own teaching materials, or you can purchase The Reiki Experience training materials at a very reasonable cost for each course you run. You will learn how to give attunements and will also be required to attend my training where you will observe as well as playing an active role - guiding some practical work, and contributing at times. Advice will also be given on how to get started as a teacher. 


To attend this course you must be an active Reiki Master Practitioner with at least 2 years Reiki Practitioner expertise and feel ready to mentor others and share your own experiences. If you have not trained with The Reiki Experience additional training may be required.

To be awarded your certificate you will be required to demonstrate the ability and confidence to teach competently and show that your training materials (initially for level 1) follow this style and tradition of Reiki as taught by Mikau Usui, although there may be aspects that you make your own in terms of adding your own perspectives and examples. 


You are welcome to run aspects of one of my Reiki shares to gain more experience of being a teacher and I will provide support and guidance in your creation of your materials and when starting to run your own classes if desired. I expect those I train to teacher level to act as an ongoing mentor to benefit students, as required.   



Small group £175 for one day 9.45am – 4.30pm

One to one training £300

Includes support in development and/or overview of own training materials
Attendance and observation/ input into my Reiki training 

Next dates

Weekend course: Please ask if weekend is preferred

Weekday courses: December 1st 
Additional training dates can be arranged to meet demand. Please ask if interested 

See student feedback below

This course is run by Sue Malcolm 

Please ask if you prefer online theory training and in-person practical session.

To  simply find out more or to book a place on the next course email

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If you are interested in taking an animal Reiki course, these are being run by
Friends Of Baxter Animal Care, with whom we work closely. If you
wish to register your interest see for more information.


As a Reiki Practitioner you will understand and be confident offering effective Reiki Treatments. If you wish to work professionally with animals though, it is important to understand animals (body language, behaviour, handling and ideally basic anatomy & physiology). As well as being confident with general Reiki techniques additional tools are specifically helpful when working with animals in a Reiki session, for example with behavioural issues. You will be made fully aware of veterinary and other relevant legal requirements, animal welfare guidance and good practice for working with animals.


This training will provide theory and practical learning to be followed by dedicated practice and a number of Reiki session written notes before you will be awarded Animal Reiki Practitioner status.

It may be possible for this training to be conducted at your chosen animal care venue,
if suitable facilities are available for the theoretical learning and animals are
available for the practical sessions. 


"It was a fabulous course. I will definitely recommend it. I had a brilliant time and felt totally supported. I'm so happy that I found Sue" Lexi

"It couldn't have better met my needs - enjoyable, relaxing, educational and inspiring - perfect! 10/10" Wendy

"Amazing, Fab, very enjoyable, relaxing, easy to understand. Loved it!" Joanne

"Wonderful. I learnt so much in a lovely atmosphere. Sue is an excellent teacher and we all had time to practice the theory in a calm, unhurried way"

"Sue has been absolutley amazing throughout all of my training. I couldn’t of asked for a better teacher to guide me through my reiki journey. Sue is very understanding and I have felt supported 100% of the way. I am extremely grateful for her and couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Sue! :)" Victoria

"Every part of the course was brilliant. Such an amazing experience." Anne

"A friend's Reiki Teacher recommended Sue to me and the Level 1 training was enlightening"  Julie


"I learned about the course from a friend. It was a wonderful experience, very interesting and eye opening ...magical!"  Claire

"Great experience, educational, enlightening, very enjoyable and highly recommended" David

"The course couldn't be better. Very informative, really relaxed environment, friendly , approachable. I couldn't be happier 10/10" Mussarat

"A very BIG thank you for your wonderful course - unforgettable in so many ways" Ant

"Wonderful journey learning about Reiki in a  structured and supportive way - 10/10" Natalie


"My experience has been very spiritually uplifting. My anxiety was high before i came and it has all gone away. I have thoroughly enjoyed it" Julie 


" 10/10 Fantastic course that exceeded my expectations, thank you." Paula

"Welcoming, very informative and professional. I would recommend this course" Sam

"Inspirational course, eye-opening, supported, informative and very loving. Highly recommended" Dave

"Enlightening and Interesting. I can't think of anything that could have made the course better. 10/10"  Hazel

"I just wanted to say thank you so much Kath and Sue for an amazing Reiki filled weekend. I loved every single second and am excited for new beginnings. You both made me feel very welcome and the course was well thought out. I feel like I’ve been on a spiritual retreat! 
I already have friends and family requests for Reiki treatments to help me practice. I would like to continue to Master level and learn animal Reiki too – but one step at a time. 
Thank you again and see you both soon at your Reiki shares. 
Love & Light and Namaste"  Anita xxx

"Excellent experience. Feeling calm, very positive and open to whatever comes next. Thank you both very much"

"I really enjoyed it (Level 2 Practitioner training). Really nice energy and I loved how Sue shared her experiences - a very open and inclusive atmosphere :-)" Stef

“I had wanted to learn Reiki for a while. Last year I had a frozen shoulder and could not lift my arm more than 5 inches. I could barely move my head.  It was very painful. I went to a Healing Centre where several healers kindly treated me once a week for several months. Among them was a volunteer Reiki practitioner. It was wonderful to be given such loving care, help and healing, especially when I couldn’t get help anywhere else. The Reiki made a big difference to me on many levels; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It inspired me to learn how to do it myself, so that I could help other people and animals. I sought out a Reiki Master and attended Sue’s Level One Course which I really enjoyed. Since then I have been giving myself a daily treatment and have also started giving a few treatments to people and animals. Reiki is helping me to overcome various problems I have had all my life and the feedback I have had from the friends I've given reiki to and the animals’ owners has been really positive.  Their health has improved and the Reiki seems to have relieved their pain.  I am so impressed with what Reiki has achieved.  It has changed my life.”   Sally

"Sue came to one of our nights at the Women's Institute to give a talk about Reiki and all the benefits involved with Reiki. I was really interested in finding out more, so I booked myself onto one of Sue's Reiki Courses.  

I now feel absolutely happy with life, I found the whole experience enlightening. My attitude towards life's hurdles has changed for the better. I feel more relaxed, and at peace but most of all I feel as though I have an inner calmness and respect for others. I really appreciate being alive and being able to share myself with others who may be in need of some kindness and love".  Jane

"Thoroughly enjoyed the experience learning and training with Sue, meeting some lovely people and having a wonderful experience". Vicky

"Amazing, very clear, easy to follow relaxed environment." Melissa

"Really informative, relaxing and soothing. Fabulous teaching method. :)" Tracey