Feedback from students who have taken part in our Reiki courses

  • In-person Reiki courses

  • Online Interactive Reiki courses

In-person Reiki courses

"It couldn't have better met my needs - enjoyable, relaxing, educational and inspiring - perfect! 10/10" Wendy

"Amazing, Fab, very enjoyable, relaxing, easy to understand. Loved it!" Joanne

"Wonderful. I learnt so much in a lovely atmosphere. Sue is an excellent teacher and we all had time to practice the theory in a calm, unhurried way"

"A friend's Reiki Teacher recommended Sue to me and the Level 1 training was enlightening"  Julie


"I learned about the course from a friend. It was a wonderful experience, very interesting and eye opening ...magical!"  Claire

"Great experience, educational, enlightening, very enjoyable and highly recommended" David

"Wonderful journey learning about Reiki in a  structured and supportive way - 10/10" Natalie


"My experience has been very spiritually uplifting. My anxiety was high before i came and it has all gone away. I have thoroughly enjoyed it" Julie 


" 10/10 Fantastic course that exceeded my expectations, thank you." Paula

"Welcoming, very informative and professional. I would recommend this course" Sam

"Inspirational course, eye-opening, supported, informative and very loving. Highly recommended" Dave

"Enlightening and Interesting. I can't think of anything that could have made the course better. 10/10"  Hazel

"I just wanted to say thank you so much Kath and Sue for an amazing Reiki filled weekend. I loved every single second and am excited for new beginnings. You both made me feel very welcome and the course was well thought out. I feel like I’ve been on a spiritual retreat! 
I already have friends and family requests for Reiki treatments to help me practice. I would like to continue to Master level and learn animal Reiki too – but one step at a time. 
Thank you again and see you both soon at your Reiki shares. 
Love & Light and Namaste"  Anita xxx

"Excellent experience. Feeling calm, very positive and open to whatever comes next. Thank you both very much"

"I really enjoyed it (Level 2 Practitioner training). Really nice energy and I loved how Sue shared her experiences - a very open and inclusive atmosphere :-)" Stef

“I had wanted to learn Reiki for a while. Last year I had a frozen shoulder and could not lift my arm more than 5 inches. I could barely move my head.  It was very painful. I went to a Healing Centre where several healers kindly treated me once a week for several months. Among them was a volunteer Reiki practitioner. It was wonderful to be given such loving care, help and healing, especially when I couldn’t get help anywhere else. The Reiki made a big difference to me on many levels; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It inspired me to learn how to do it myself, so that I could help other people and animals. I sought out a Reiki Master and attended Sue’s Level One Course which I really enjoyed. Since then I have been giving myself a daily treatment and have also started giving a few treatments to people and animals. Reiki is helping me to overcome various problems I have had all my life and the feedback I have had from the friends I've given reiki to and the animals’ owners has been really positive.  Their health has improved and the Reiki seems to have relieved their pain.  I am so impressed with what Reiki has achieved.  It has changed my life.”   Sally

"Sue came to one of our nights at the Women's Institute to give a talk about Reiki and all the benefits involved with Reiki. I was really interested in finding out more, so I booked myself onto one of Sue's Reiki Courses.  

I now feel absolutely happy with life, I found the whole experience enlightening. My attitude towards life's hurdles has changed for the better. I feel more relaxed, and at peace but most of all I feel as though I have an inner calmness and respect for others. I really appreciate being alive and being able to share myself with others who may be in need of some kindness and love".  Jane

"Thoroughly enjoyed the experience learning and training with Sue, meeting some lovely people and having a wonderful experience". Vicky

"Amazing, very clear, easy to follow relaxed environment." Melissa

"Really informative, relaxing and soothing. Fabulous teaching method. :)" Tracey

"Every part of the course was brilliant. Such an amazing experience." Anne

What our students said after their training

"10/10 Fantastic course that exceeded my expectations, thank you."


"Enlightening and Interesting. I can't think of anything that could have made the course better. 10/10"  


Online Interactive Reiki courses

"I have found my online training hugely beneficial. I feel like it is a perfect substitute to training in person during these difficult times. I am enjoying continuing my educational journey as well as appreciating the calmness and mindfulness the online sessions bring to my day at home while self isolating."



Having previously attended my Reiki training in person, I didn't know what to expect with regards to having to complete my training online this time around...I'm always happy to try new things though, so of course I was going to give it a go.
I'm glad I did: Everything flowed perfectly, from the simplicity of logging into the online training, feeling the energy, completing activities, to the interaction which was in real time without delays. I thoroughly enjoyed my online training, in fact it felt as though Sue was sat in my living room.”


"I have been attending Sue's level 1 Reiki course initially face to face and now (due to COVID-19) online. The course is excellent and easy to follow and understand.  The energy and teaching is conducted in the same manner online as face to face and I would highly recommend anyone who wishes to learn Reiki to sign up."